CNCzone takeover to create largest international online platform for production technology

Production tasks are growing in complexity and the requirements ever higher for all personnel in the production process. It is often the case that planning, machinery, software, and hardware issues have to be clarified under the pressures of time. A strong professional community networks the experts and provides fast support.

“Against this background, it is only logical that Industry Arena should now take over CNCzone after two and a half years of successful cooperation with this largest US platform and forum portal for production technology,” announced Frank Nolden, Managing Director of CNC-Arena GmbH, Düsseldorf, with reference to the undersigning of the contract. Dr. Wilfried Schäfer, joint Managing Director of CNC-Arena, was overjoyed: “We’ve landed a great coup. We have taken a great strategic step towards expanding our international alignment.” The purchase contract was signed on 18 August 2015 in New York.

This takeover will create the largest international internet platform for production technology, integrating users all over the world. At present, over 415,000 professionals from all continents have registered who are taking a highly active role in exchanging their ideas and experience in the ca. 500 German- and 500 English-speaking trade forums. For two years now, the CNCzone forums have been running in parallel on the English pages of Industry Arena. “We’ll now continue to expand this English-speaking offer, raising its appeal for international customers as well,” announced Nolden.

An initial user meeting has already been planned for early 2016 in the USA. This will be followed by appearances at all the relevant leading international trade fairs in the sector.

“In the last two years, my community has benefited particularly from the know-how in Europe. So this was the next logical step. It provides the CNCzone community with huge potential for development,” said Paul Gentile, founder of CNCzone.

Just recently, CNC-Arena signed a cooperation agreement with the Spanish media agency Cluster, safeguarding its presence on the Spanish-speaking market as well, including Central and South America. Spanish-speaking forums will likewise be set up successively.