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Teradyne, Azure, Virbela, Siemens, FogHorn, and Huawei Among the 28 Top Tech Companies Leading the Way in 2021

-- czwartek, 08 lipiec 2021

ABI Research analysts around the globe are constantly collecting data and information from providers, partners, and end-users. The results are routinely published in Competitive Ranking reports, which offer comprehensive insight into different markets, assessing companies’ implementation and innovation strategies. Global tech market advisory firm ABI Research summarized the results of six recent Competitive Rankings in the just-released whitepaper, 28 Technology Companies Leading the Way in 2021.

The technology landscape is constantly changing, with new solutions, new products, and new players emerging every day. “This continuous state of flux can prove challenging—both for technology companies trying to understand how they stack up to their competition, as well as for companies looking for the best technology providers. Our Competitive Rankings offer unparalleled insight into a company’s performance and standing in comparison to its competitors and are proving to be an invaluable tool for our clients,” explains Stuart Carlaw, Chief Research Officer at ABI Research.

The overall leaders are:

Teradyne – Industrial Robotics for Material Handling

Azure – IoT Device Onboarding and Lifecycle Management

Virbela – Immersive Collaborative Platforms

Siemens – Industrial Simulation Software

FogHorn – IoT Edge Analytics

Huawei – 5G Core and Edge Platforms

For a full look at all the leaders, top innovators, and top implementors, download the whitepaper, 28 Technology Companies Leading the Way in 2021


ABI Research

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